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The Traveling Tapes...

In Oktober 2014 we followed the call of Portlands reputation as a city with extraordinary musical output to film a Video-Mixtape packed with amazing artists living in the city. For two weeks we found a home in the basement of Singer/Songwriter Alela Diane`s apartment in Northeast Portland. Guided by local hero Toren Volkman we explored the depths of Sound from Portland.

The Traveling Tapes // Portland turned out to be a 40-minute video-mixtape featuring some of the best talent Portland has to offer at this time. Alela Diane performs a stunningly intimate, gripping version of Lost Land on the porch of her house. Radiation City brighten a shadowy appletree-garden with their jazzy, supersmooth blend of harmony-heavy folk. Barna Howard charms a sunny afternoon in Rose Garden with the longing beauty of the calm fingerpicking-tune Lend Me A Moment. Extraordinary drummer and lyricist Neal Morgan chips in with his unique spoken word poetry, performed in famous Tonalli's Donut-Shop on Alberta-Street. Lost Lander give proof of the band's very special chemistry and sense of catchiness while Ben Darwish of Morning Ritual croons a heartbreaking R'n'B-lamento in his studio at Falcon Art Community. Vikesh Kapoor contributes his gentrification-ballad Ode To My Hometown right off Mississippi-Street, PWRHAUS jump on a streetcar for an unusual live-performance of Broken Man and Houndstooth deliver Emilia of their current Album No News From Home with tequila-fueled intensity.

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